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New digital display 8D shaver 6 in 1 hair clipper LK-8370

New digital display 8D shaver 6 in 1 hair clipper LK-8370

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Maximum power: 8W
Usage time: 90 minutes
Charging time: 2 hours

1. Trim knife mesh
2. Whole body washing with water
3. USD charging
4. One machine for multiple purposes
5. Long lasting endurance
6. LED intelligent display
7.8D independent floating blade, comfortable veneer, smooth without dead corners.
8. Automatic grinding, precision steel blade. When shaving, the blade mesh and blade move in a cross motion, grinding while using, and the more you use, the sharper it becomes. No need to frequently replace the blade, and the sharpness remains unchanged.
9. Efficient beard capture, flexible fit, stable and accurate shaving. Calmly facing different facial shapes, flexibly dealing with every inch of skin on the face, and dealing with difficult beard from multiple angles.
10. USB portable charging, on-demand charging, worry free travel. Supports 5V charger for mobile phones, USB interface charging for cars, laptops, and other devices.
11. Intelligent LED display screen, with multiple functions clearly visible. Long press the power button for three seconds to activate one key lock and prevent accidental touch. Display availability time, time of use
12. The blade is detachable and portable for replacing other functional blades. Nasal hair organization, barber scissors, massager, cleaning brush,

Packaging List
1. Razors
2. Barber
3. sideburns knife
4. Facial cleaning brush
5. Nasal hair apparatus
6. USB charging
7. Limit comb * 3
8. Massage head
9. Cleaning brush

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