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Artisasset Matte Black Outdoor 1st Tier Iron Handrail 70638141

Artisasset Matte Black Outdoor 1st Tier Iron Handrail 70638141

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The iron handrail is suitable for garden steps. The steps to enter your house are 
more beautiful. The flexible design of 1or2 steps allows you to choose freely. The 
whole shape is simple and smooth, giving you a more experience. The design with 
radian gives you a safer experience.


1. This is one Picket #1 Handrail for 1 or 2 steps. This handrail will cover: 1 
Risers 2" to 12" Tall, Picket #1 measures 12" center-to-center of posts.

2. This handrail is constructed with real wrought iron, not aluminum. It is more 
strong and reliable and will not fail or bend like aluminum. Also, stainless steel 
post mounts will not rust or flex.

3. Adopted powder coating technology, the handrail picket is designed to be matte 
black. It is rustproof for durability and easy to clean.

4. All the connections are strongly welded and perfectly connected. The iron picket 
and curved design is beautiful and stylish

5. The handrail includes all necessary assembly and installation hardware.

6. Suitable for gardens, residential buildings, commercial office buildings, 
hotels, etc.


1. Model: 1or2steps

2. Color: Matte Black

3. Material: Real Iron Metal (This Handrail Is Constructed With Real Wrought Iron, 
Not Aluminum. It Is More Strong And Reliable And Will Not Fail Or Bend Like 
Aluminum. Also, Stainless Steel Post Mounts Will Not Rust Or Flex.)

4. Style: Iron Picket

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